Bonnie Carter


Bonnie at Sea

I am an experimental artist working on gessoed panel, and canvas, as well as sealed watercolor paper. My methods include poured, dripped, and drizzled acrylic paint; sometimes I include acrylic ink, watercolor, watercolor crayons, pastels, charcoal powder, collage or oil bar. Primarily I work with pours and glazes, using multiple layers to complete a painting. For me, the most important aspect of a painting is what it does not reveal; only what it can suggest. Painting “on the edge” keeps the mystery and energy alive in my work. As the paintings reveal themselves to me, I begin to refine and edit the piece and this process becomes part of my spiritual practice. Each viewer has their own interpretation subject to their personal experiences, so If I can draw the viewer into the painting, making them a participant in the creation, then I have accomplished my goal.


I’ve spent my life traveling worldwide and have lived in Ohio, Kentucky, Florida, Colorado and Georgia, always trying to see things with a fresh eye, and being constantly inspired. Currently, I live in the Atlanta area where I maintain a studio, and aboard a trawler my husband and I cruise, spending stretches of time in the subtropics. I have taken a studio in other cities as we cruise, which provides me with new perspectives, so that the memories of what I have seen and experienced have ultimately been translated into these abstract paintings. I hope they convey the joy I feel when I work.

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